Hello my fellow peers,

My name is Gregory Taylor. I would like to welcome you to my blog. I am currently a senior at Riverdale High School. Throughout my journey here I have maintained a GPA of 3.4. My academic achievements that I want to have are set higher than ever this year. I plan to raise my GPA to a 3.7 by the end of my high school years. I also plan to graduate in the top 10 percent of my senior class.

Leaving RHS will be a sorrowful time but I have to embark on a new journey.My big time plan is to make it to the NFL. If that dream doesn’t work  having a back up plan  going to college studying in Sports Medicine maintaining a great GPA .  After the four years I will then go into my career field being an Orthopedic Specialist (bone specialist) if i fail on trying to achieve my big time goal making it to the NFL.

thank you

Gregory Taylor

Critical essay on Toni Morrison’s SULA : A satire on binary thinking


In the article Toni Morrison’s SULA : A satire on binary thinking , Rita A. Bergenholtz disagreed  that Toni Morrison used her book “Sula” as a satire against binary thinking. Throughout the article Rita gave significant examples to get her valid point across. She gave textual context from Morrison’s book SULA to explain further. She juxtapose the way Morrison used satire to how other authors use it in different ways .The main focus throughout this extravagant article was to explain to the reader how Morrison came about with the characters and how they went about.


The work throughout the text does achieve its purpose, fully. As I was reading the article there were sections throughout the text that i did not understand, for instance why would Bergenholtz constantly talked about satire every bit of the text. There were no areas in the text that offered to much or too little information in the article. The article was significantly informative. The organization of the text neither helped me nor hinder my understanding of the text. There were textual context that i did find note worthy like the “nigger joke.” Witched introduced Sula and serves as a emblem for it highlights a number if binary oppositions that are interrogated throughout the text such as black/white, real/fantastic ect.



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